Stage 1: Establishing the Foundation

As we have continued to meet and discuss our ideas, the concept of Coop-Push has itself been pushing to the forefront of our thoughts. On the other hand, we are concluding that the Space Combat concept leaves much to be desired and would quickly rise out of scope.


Through the last week, we settled down on what experience we really want to promote with this concept. By focusing on the cooperative mechanic of the game, players will connect with one another and see each other of valuable to their own success, rather than an obstacle to be removed. This view is often lost in games which more often then not, put players on opposing teams or create huge gaps in ability and power between two players on the same team. We want all of our players to have similar, if not identical, abilities that much be amplified in power by working with other players.


Another idea that has risen over the last week is that of a GPS game. The initial idea rose from the idea of Hunger Games, where players must collect resources to survive. This alone, wouldn’t make for a very interesting game, let alone any reason to use GPS, but the idea expanded to be a “hide and seek” type game. The initial concept is that players would be randomly assigned roles, Seekers and Hiders. The number of Seekers would scale with total players, but would generally be one.
Hiders would be given an initial amount of [resource] to survive on. As time progresses, their [resource] depletes and they must find and collect more. [Resource] would be shown on the GPS map to all hiders(perhaps seekers as well) for them to collect to stay alive. This would mean they have to stay on the move and would not be able to just hide away for the entire game.
Seekers would also use a GPS enabled device, their [resource] would be replenished by finding Hiders. Their GPS would also show “blips” on the map whenever a Hider made “noise”, measured by the accelerator of their device.
Whenever any players’ [resource] was depleted, they would lose the game, sending a message to all other players. The game would end when either all Hiders are found or deplete their resource, or when all Seekers deplete their resource, which would determine the winning “team”.

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