Stage 1: Establishing the Foundation

As we slowly get closer to challenging Stage 1, our initial ideas have fallen away to leave one our Push mechanic. Although it is a single mechanic that we are focusing on, it leaves a wide range of possibilities to explore and iterate on.

Mobile Device Controllers

One of the biggest and most interesting ideas we are pursuing with the Push mechanic is that idea of a “Massively Multiplayer Local” game. The idea is that everyone has a controller in their pocket, even if they don’t realize it, they would just need to download an app, connect to the game, and play.
The largest hurdle with this idea, currently, is designing and implementing a strong and reliable input setup. We have two iterations on the mobile controller currently, one with dual virtual joysticks and the other using tilt rotation and a throttle control. We have brought both to QA and received positive feedback on both, with some issues brought up that still need to be looked further into.

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