Stage 1: Establishing the Foundation

Over the last week, we have fleshed out, revamped and reworked our concepts. We still have a handful of potential candidates, but are more heavily focusing on two of them, dubbed Coop-Push and Space Combat.


Last week, when we presented our cooperative space combat game, it was suggested that we take a better look about the actual cooperative experience and focus in on that aspect of the game, rather than on the combat side of it. We decided to do both, what we now call Coop-Push is what came out of the deeper look into the cooperative experience.
The core mechanic, as is currently envisioned, is a group of players working together to achieve some goal, generally by moving some object around as a team. Each player on their own would be unable to meaningfully move this object, but by working together, to either move obstacles out of the way or to push the object, they can progress through the puzzles.

Space Combat

While we were iterating on what the cooperative experience meant, and how we could focus in on players really working together and relying on one another, we didn’t want to drop our idea of a cooperative space combat game. We have had further discussions on what directions we could potentially take it and how we can make it more engaging and fun for all of the players.

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