Stage 2: Building the Conceptual Foundation

As we proceed with the idea of a “massively multiplayer local game”, we now begin to explore what games are already present in this space. Our game, when complete, will be able to be played on nearly any screen in a public or private space. With its wide range of potential players, we are not limited in our audience, but work to open up the medium to anyone who has a smart phone and desires to play.
As of this writing, we have not found any other examples of large scale cooperative games in public spaces that use a similar interface as our game. We did find Renga, which is a similar target, but played with laser pointers on a projected screen, which detects the points of light and converts it to input for the game. This game, however, requires players to have a specific interface, the laser pointer, and specialized equipment that detects the pointers on the screen.
One of the interesting problems we may face with a concept such as this, which requires mass coordination and cooperation, is that inevitably, some small number of players will want to “troll” other players by doing what they can to prevent or slow progress in the game.
I feel really good about where we are now and where our concept is heading. We have a lot of potential in our sights and are all excited about where we can take this game.

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