Browser Controller

I have successfully implemented the browser controller, which currently works on most Android and iOS devices. The system implements WebSockets to make a connection to the server then feeds touch data through the socket connection. The interface as it stands currently allows for a large amount of future customization and alteration.
The current control scheme is a slight alteration of the Twin-Sticks scheme available through the Android App, with the caveat that the center of each stick is set to the position the touch input begins. An new scheme that is planned, but has not yet been implemented, is a somewhat gesture based input, where the input is based not on the delta from the center of the joystick(where the touch began) but on the delta between touchmove events.

Improving Character Motion

Another aspect of the input that we are working on is the slipperiness of the character when moving. The character currently moves based on forces being applied to a rigidbody that is part of the character, which is an effective way of maintaining realistic interactions between the player and other objects. The downside, however, is that because motion is created by force being applied to the unit, that it slides, rather than immediately changing directions when input is changed.

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