Workshop One

Increasing the innovation of games is a constant and difficult struggle. As games become more and more advanced, the range of possibilities also increases, but with that advancement comes the sheer volume of previous creations. Developing games that are unique and innovative, yet fun, can be very difficult.
In the case of our game, it isn’t the gameplay that is particularly innovative, but the method of play. Using mobile phones as a default input method is an uncommon scheme. While games on mobile devices are taking the industry by storm, ours isn’t quite a game ON a mobile device, but just uses it as a controller. There exist apps for achieving such a goal, most commonly used for emulating retro game pads and arcade style inputs for use in single player games on computers. Our design, on the other hand, is to use such input in public spaces, allowing anyone to download an app and jump into the game, quickly and easily.
While games in public spaces exist, many require special hardware or non-digital input to participate in, such as Renga.
Renga requires players to use a laser pointer, something not many people carry with them in day-to-day life, as well as a specialized projector to detect the points on the screen. None the less, the player interactions are something we wish to emulate. A larger number of people working together to achieve a shared goal through the successful execution of related tasks.
By using a mobile device, we will break down the divide between those who can and cannot play, because of the hardware requirement. These days, nearly everyone carries a mobile device of some kind with them in their day to day activities. Using this fact, we can reach a larger audience and allow our game to truly be pick-up-and-play.

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